Scholarships for Advanced Masters

Scholarships for Advanced Masters in Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions

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Please find below information about the Advanced Master Course in Structural Analysis of Existing Buildings, Monuments and Historical Constructions.

I kindly invite you to disseminate this information to anybody who could be interested in applying.

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Applications for the Advanced Masters in Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions are now open (call 3).

This Master Course is organized by a consortium of leading European Universities/Research Institutions in the field, composed by University of Minho (coordinating institution, Portugal), the Technical University of Catalonia (Spain), the Czech Technical University in Prague (Czech Republic), the University of Padua (Italy) and the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic). The course combines the most recent advances in research and development with practical applications.


New Book Interest

A comprehensive surveyofthepractice,theory,andstructureofarchitectural heritageconservationthroughouttheworld.


“The preservation movement has one great curiosity. There isnever any retrospective controversy or regret. Preservationists arethe only people in the world who are invariably confirmed intheir wisdom after the fact.”

—John Kenneth Galbraith
Imagine the world without the Parthenon, Notre Dame, theWailing Wall, the Taj Mahal, the Forbidden City, MachuPicchu, or other iconic buildings, monuments, and places.What if the more impressive historic buildings and sites weencounter in our everyday lives disappeared? Civilizationwould simply not exist as we know it. Fortunately, awarenessof the importance of protecting the world's culturalpatrimony—in particular, its architectural heritage—is at anall-time high and is growing. Time Honored: A Global Viewof Architectural Conservation explores the reasons for thisphenomenon, explains how international architecturalheritage conservation practice operates, and considerswhere this firmly rooted global interest may lead.
Written by a leading practitioner and teacher ofarchitectural preservation, Time Honored provides amuch-needed comprehensive and balanced survey of thepractice, theory, and structure of architectural heritageconservation throughout the world.
Illustrated throughout with over 300 photographs,drawings, and charts, this first volume in a multipartseries will help define the physical and conceptualparameters of the field of architectural conservation,its background, and its position today as a majorinfluence on the world's built environment
978-0-470-26049-4, Hardcover, 448 pages,
January 2009, $75.00  US / $90.00 CAN